About Apartments

Each apartment has an area in excess of 300m2 and benefits from having large covered terraces off each principle space, some with extensive views across the old Venetian city to the Pentadactylos Mountain range and some aspects orientated towards the Troodos Mountains.

The apartments vary in size from 3 to 4 bedroom apartments, each on one level.

The design of the apartments can be modified to enable them to become completely individual, depending on individual client requirements. The external walls will be constructed from in situ concrete, which will be plastered internally to form an internal finish without losing the benefits of the thermal mass. Balconies are formed through cuts in the stone, external skin forming recesses and additions into the volume of the building, creating a series of different sized external rooms on all sides of the residential tower. Projecting balconies or fully glazed rooms are formed on the north eastern corner of the tower as the building extends up above Leonidou Street.

Like the gallery, openings to the east, south and west are protected by sliding "olive leaf screens", inspired by the wallpaper designs of William Morris based on the Olive Leaf. These will create a dappled light similar to that created by a tree canopy and provide solar shading, privacy and natural ventilation.