About the Gallery

The A. G. Leventis Gallery will be an example of a private collection opened to public viewing. It will house the three important collections of paintings and other artefacts owned by the Foundation. The Paris Collection is the personal and eclectic range of works, primarily European paintings, including Old Masters, Rococo and Impressionist works, as well as furniture, porcelain and other artefacts, and indeed a whole 18th century panelled room that will be transported from the Anastasios Leventis apartment on Avenue Foch in Paris. The Gallery will also house the Greek Collection, a comprehensive collection of 19th and 20th century Greek artists as well as the Cypriot Collection which includes works of the first generation of Cypriot, 20th century artists.

The Paris and Athens collections were assembled by the founder of the A.G. Leventis Foundation, Anastasios Leventis.

The project aims to create a building imbued with the personality of the Leventis family collection that will serve as a new cultural centre for Cyprus.

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